Essayist, Poet, Dedicated Pop Culturist

Hi hello welcome--I'm Lana! And this is my little nook of the internet where I house my writing, photography, and design. 


In 2018, I graduated with a BA from NYU's Gallatin School of Interdisciplinary Studies. There I developed a concentration in "Cultural Anthropology and Criticism" through a writing-focused study of literature, art history, performance, fashion, journalism, and graphic design. I love pop culture history, investigating modern myths, discovering a new snack combo, feeling glamorous, staring into the void until inspiration strikes, and reality TV. 


My poetry has been previously published in The Gallatin Review, October Hill Magazine (Fall 2017 and 2019's Contest Issue), and The Rational Creature Vol. 6. Currently living in Brooklyn, I split my time between working on a poetry book and running the online presence for Cure Thrift Shop in the East Village. 

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