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If you read the giant lime green and pink header above, you might've been wondering...who's this Lana chick? And the answer is: me! I'm Lana, a New York-based essayist and poet. I'm also a quadruple Pisces with a Leo Rising. I've been writing since I learned how (ok the glass ceiling just shattered) and a culture sponge since the day I popped out of the womb.


Btw, "culture" to me is not about swirling a Shiraz in your well-manicured, delicate grip while you call every painting in a gallery "reductive." Culture is relative, humongous, and unavoidable. I believe even the smallest detail stamps who we are and where we’re headed. Notes from my endless list of favorite things: will-they-won’t-they romances, vintage sleepwear, anything novelty from clam-shaped beds to flower pens, historical fashion revivals, crunchy potatoes, “The Rich Man’s Frug” scene in Sweet Charity, and reality TV. My work has been featured in various magazines and journals including October Hill Magazine, The Rational Creature, Let Her Speak, Mixed Mag, and Sunbow Zine. 


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writer + pop culture queen + dedicated follower of fashion

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