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100 Ways to Know If You’re the Main Character

I don’t make the rules…except in this case when I did! #maincharacterenergy

  1. You live in a small town where you don’t fit in

  2. You’ve recently moved to a big city from a small town where you didn't fit in

  3. You’ve lived in a big city for so long, moving is not part of the plot

  4. You live in a house

  5. You live in an apartment

  6. You’re single and everyone else is dating

  7. You’re dating and everyone else is single

  8. You’re getting married

  9. Your best friend is getting married

  10. You’re getting divorced

  11. You’re staring out the window

  12. You’re walking at night and looking up at the sky

  13. You’re traveling

  14. You’re running to make the bus/train/plane

  15. You just make the bus/train/plane

  16. You miss the bus/train/plane

  17. You’re the most eccentrically dressed person in the room

  18. You’re the plainest dressed person in the room

  19. You’re shopping

  20. Better if you’re trying things on

  21. You’re getting ready to go out

  22. You’re having a fight in public

  23. You’re crying in public

  24. You wait to get home, slam the door, and sob against the door

  25. You’re flirting with a stranger

  26. You’re too shy to flirt

  27. Your kissing your date goodbye at the door

  28. You’ve never been kissed

  29. You’re eating Chinese take-out straight from the container

  30. You love coffee

  31. You know the bartender

  32. The Big Night is approaching

  33. You know all your friends’ other friends

  34. You only have one friend

  35. You don’t have a single friend

  36. You’re listening to very cheerful, fun music

  37. You’re listening to the saddest music ever written

  38. You’re quiet

  39. You’re loud

  40. You’re at a concert

  41. Now you’re back-stage at a concert

  42. The performers ask you to join them

  43. You’re performing at your own concert

  44. You’re dating someone in a band

  45. You’re dating someone really boring

  46. You just started a new school

  47. You’re becoming friends with the new kid at school

  48. You have a secret crush on your best friend

  49. You have a secret crush on the most popular person at school

  50. You are the most popular person at school

  51. You’re the most popular person at school’s lackey

  52. You have a secret crush on the loner in the corner

  53. You are the loner in the corner

  54. You’re a good dancer

  55. You’re a terrible dancer

  56. You have a choreographed dance with someone

  57. You have a handshake with someone

  58. You’re watching a sunrise or sunset

  59. You’re a great cook

  60. You’re a terrible cook

  61. You love coffee

  62. You never touch the stuff!

  63. Your parents are famous

  64. Your parents are lame

  65. You’re an orphan

  66. You have a secret

  67. You’re keeping a secret for someone

  68. You’re a writer

  69. You’re a doctor

  70. You’re a lawyer

  71. You’re a babysitter

  72. You’re a bank-robber

  73. You’re a secret agent

  74. You’re solving a mystery

  75. You work at a bar

  76. You work at a store

  77. You work at a diner

  78. You work in an office

  79. You hate your boss

  80. You hate your job

  81. Your job is your life

  82. Someone just spilled a drink on you

  83. You just spilled a drink on someone

  84. Now the spiller and the spilled-on are falling in love

  85. You’ve never been in love

  86. You love to read

  87. You don’t care about reading

  88. You ride a bike everywhere

  89. You’re changing the world

  90. Your shoe broke

  91. You just ran into someone you know

  92. You’re British and everyone else is American

  93. You’re American and everyone else is British

  94. You live abroad

  95. You’re on vacation

  96. You’re gay

  97. You’re straight

  98. You wear hats

  99. You have a rival

  100. Your rival also wears hats



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